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CST 150 Turntable Stretch Wrapper with Wrapping Turntable

CST 140 Ergonomic Turntable Stretch Wrapper

CST 130 Ergonomic Turntable Stretch Wrapper

CST 110 Stretch Wrapper Suitable for Manual Wrapping

CSA 940 Rotary Arm Stretch Wrapper Machine

CSA 960 Rotary Arm Pallet Stretch Wrapper

CSA 960 CA Rotary Arm Stretch Wrapping Machine

CSA 960 TWIN Double Rotary Stretch Wrapper

CSA 980 Rotary Arm Stretch Wrapper

CSA 980 CA Rotary Arm Stretch Wrapper

CST 935 Automatic Stretch Film Wrapping Machine

CSR 990 - 90 pallets p/h Rotary Ring Stretch Wrapper

CSR 970 - 50 pallets p/h Ring Stretch Wrapper

CSM 22O Robot Wrapper with Ergonomic Wrapping

CSM 23O Robot Pallet Wrapper with Stretch System

CSM 250 Pallet Wrapping Machine with Stretch System

Anti Slip Pallet Paper for Damage Reduction

Wrapping Film : Nanofilm

Lapomatic - S Electric Tape Dispense

CT 3000 Automatic Carton Box Erector Machine

CT 102 SD Semi Automatic Case Sealer Suitable for 50 MM PVC & PP Tape

CT 303 SD Semi Auto Carton Sealer for Taping Process

CT 302 SD Semi Automatic Carton Sealer Suitable

CT 303 TB Semi Automatic Sealing Machine

CT 303 SDF Automatic Carton Sealer

CT 305 TBR Automatic Case Sealer Machine

CT 305 SDR Automatic Carton Sealer PP & PVC Tape

CT 305 SDRF Fully Automatic Case Sealer

CM 800 U UV Laser Marking System

CM 800 F Fiber Laser Marking System for Best Price

CM 600 Thermal Inkjet Printer

CM 800 C CO2 Laser Marking System

CR 19 Steel Strapper Sealing Tool

CR 32 Battery Driven Tool for Heavy Operations

CMT 55 Hand Tool with High Strap

CHT 670 Battery Driven Strapping Tool

Paper Strap

MST 3 Sealless Steel Strapping Tool

CH 47 Steel Strapper Sealing Tool

CH 48 Steel Strap Tool for Heavy Application

CR 24 Pneumatic Steel Strap Sealing Tool

CR 25 Strapping Steel Tool for Round & Irregular Packages

CR 26 Hand Tool with High Tension Power

BST Z Steel Strapping Tool

Rondofix Seal Strap Tool for Simple Packages

PN6 & PVO Pneumatic Seal Machine

ORS Plastic Strapping Tool Machine

KO 16 – 16 mm Plastic Strap Tool

KO 76 – 13 mm Plastic Strapping Tool

CMT 260 Battery Powered Strapping tool for Medium Weight Material


CHT 450 Battery Operated Strapping Tool for Heavy Loads

CP 500 Pneumatic Strapping Tool for Heavy Weight Material

M - PAC YM SS Strapping Machine suitable for Food Industry

M - PAC V Silent Strapping Machine

M - PAC PLT Vertical Semi Automatic Strapping Machine

M - PAC HE Horizontal Semi Automatic Strapping Machine

CI 70 Automatic Box Strapping Machine

Ampag Boxer II Auto Strapping Machine with PP Strap

Ampag Boxer S Automatic Strapping Machine

Ampag Boxer M Stainless Steel Strapping Machine

Ampag Boxer YM Stainless Steel Strapping Machine

Ampag Boxer TR Fully Automatic Machine

Ampag Boxer Y Automatic Strapper Side Sealer Machine

Ampag Boxer TR Fully Automatic Strapping Machine

Ampag Boxer YM TR Stainless Steel Strapping Machine with PP

Ampag Speed High Speed Strapping Machine

Ampag Speed TR High Speed Machine

Strapping Machine And Case Sealer : Ampag Kombi

Stretch Wrapper & Strapping Machine Twinpack with High Tension Seal

XF 172 M Automatic Horizontal Strapping Machine

XF / XP 111m Automatic Vertical Strapping Machine

XF / XP 112m Side Sealing Strapping Machine

XZE Automatic Vertical Strapping Machine

SPE Automatic Vertical Strapping Press

SF / SP 111 M Vertical Pallet Strapping Machine with Top Head

SF / SP 112 M Vertical Strap Machine with Side Head

SF 172 M Fully Automatic Horizontal PET Strapping Machine

SF 113 M Vertical Strapping Machine

CM 100 H Manual Coding System

CM 160 Standard Printhead for Printing

CM 160 F Inkjet Coding System

CM 160 T Printhead with Single Cartridge

CM 220 Easy Coding System with Color Touchscreen

CM 750 Continuous Inkjet Printer

AXRO2 Basic Elastic Binder

AXRO FQC2 Elastic Binder for Binding

AXRO FQC2 Stainless Steel Elastic Binder

AXRO MD 35 / 60 Elastic Binder for Strapping Products

AXRO MD 35 / 60 XL Elastic Binder for Strapping Products

AXRO IN-2 Ring Shaped Elastic Binder

Auto Bundling Machine Elastobinder

Elastobinder M Automatic Bundling Machine

QPWK-C2 Plastic Strap Dispenser Trolley

QPWK-S Plastic Strap Dispenser

CT 12TS Semi-automatic Case Sealer Tape Machine

CST 204 Stretch Wrapper Machine

QPWM Poly Strap Dispenser

QPF Steel Strap Dispenser

QPL Steel Strapping Dispenser

CBC Plastic Strap Cutter for PET, PP & Steel Strapping Band

CM 730 Continuous Inkjet Printer

KA 4 Jumbo Dispenser

CFH - 1 High Quality Strapping Unit

CFL - 2 Packed Strapping Equipment

PRI Tape Dispenser

ULI Semi Automatic Electronic Tape Dispenser

ULIMATIC Automatic Tape Dispenser

ULIMAGIC Tape Dispenser Suitable for Self Adhesive Tapes

B 6 Paper Packing Tape for Sealing Packages

Lapomagic Gummed Paper Tape Dispenser with Automatic Detection

Lapomatic with Battery Tape Paper Dispenser

Lapomatic Gummed Electric Packing Tape Dispenser

SF 172 Ligo Automatic Horizontal Strapping Machine

LCM 100 Electric Paper Tape Dispenser

Lapomatic 200 Electric Gummed Tape Dispenser

Zumet Easy Semi Automatic Sealing Machine

CT 103 SD Automatic Carton Sealing Machine for Sealing Boxes

LGT - 260 Hand tool Model Packaging Handtools

CT 105 SDR Automatic Case Sealer for PP or PVC Tape

Zumet Matic X Fully Automatic Sealing Machine with Paper Adhesive Tape

Ergonomic HFH Hand-Reel Film

CTT 210 Stretch Wrapper for 50 Pallets Per Day

CTT 230 Pallet Stretch Wrapper

CTT 300 Stretch Wrapper with High Processing Speed

CSO 420 Semi Automatic Horizontal Stretch Wrapper Machine

CSO 620 Horizontal Stretch Film Wrapping Semi Automatic Machine

CSO 1000 Semi Automatic Horizontal Stretch Wrapper

CSO 1400 Semi Automatic Horizontal Flim Wrapper

CSO 2000 Semi Automatic Horizontal Stretch Film Wrapper

CSO 420 A Automatic Horizontal Stretch Film Wrapping Machine

CSO 620 A Horizontal Automatic Stretch Wrapper System

CSO 1000 A Automatic Horizontal Stretch Wrapper

CSO 1400 A Horizontal Flim Wrapping Machine

CSO 2000 A Film Wrapper Automatic Horizontal Stretch Wrapping Machine

CTT 1000 – 70 pallets p/h Stretch Wrapper

CTR 2000 – 120 pallets p/h Stretch Wrapper

CTR 2000 TWIN Ring Wrapper Machine with Double Film

Twinpack – Strapping & Film Wrapping in Single Machine

Topsheet Dispenser : CTFP

Topsheet Dispenser TF ITF suitable for Pallets

Cylastic PE Binding Elastic Cord

Cylastic PCs 1300 Binder Elastic Cord

Cylastic 3K Elastic Bundling Cord

Bundling Elastic Cord Strepper

Thermal Inkjet with Waterbased Cartridge

Thermal Inkjet : Cartridge Solvent Based on HP Technology

CM 750 Continuous Inkjet Ink Liquid

CM 750 Continuous Inkjet Make – Up Fluid

Wrapping Film Pre stretched for Manual Wrapping

100 mm Manual Mini Stretch Film

Wrapping Fllm Roll 450 mm Manual Wrapper

Wrapping Fllm Roll 500 mm Manual Wrapper

Wrapping Film with 150% Stretch Film with Pallet Wrap

Wrapping Film with 200% Stretch Film in Transparent

Wrapping Film with 250% Stretch Film Roll in Multiple Colours

Wrapping Film with 300% Stretch Film

Wrapping Film with 300% Blown Stretch Film

Wrapping Film with 350% Pallet Stretch Film

Wrapping Film with 400% Stretch Film

Wrapping Film with 400% Blown Stretch Film

Wrapping Film : Top Sheet
150 × 180 - 50 μ

Wrapping Film : Top Sheet
150 × 180 - 27 μ

Wrapping Film : Top Sheet
130 × 140

wrapping Film : Top Sheet
83 × 100

Paper Tape 50 mm for Light Packaging

60 mm Paper Adhesive Tape for Light Packaging

paper Tape 70 mm for Light Packaging

60 mm Reinforced Paper Tape for Light Weight Packaging

70 mm White Paper Tape Double Reinforced for Heavy Packaging

Brown Paper Adhesive Tape 70 mm BROWN 60 gr/m2

Paper Tape 70 MM Brown Double Reinforced for Heavy Packaging

Reinforced Gummed Paper Tape 70 MM Brown 70 gr/m2

PP Hotmelt 50 mm Brown Tape

PP Hotmelt 50 mm Transparent Tape for Continuous Use

PP 50 mm Solvent Tape

12 mm Acrylic Tape PP Polypropylene

15 mm Acrylic Packaging Tape

25 mm Acrylic Tape with High Adhesion

50 mm Low Noise Acrylic Polypropylene Packing Tape

Acrylic Tape 75 mm Transparent Tape

50 mm Low Noise PP Tape

Low Noise Orange Warning Tape for Fragile Products

White Warning Tape for Long Term Storage

PVC 50 mm Solvent Brown Tape

PVC 50 mm Solvent Transparent Tape

PP Strap or Polypropylene Strap

Strapping Polyester Strap PET Premium for Heavy Loads

Superflex Steel Strap for Heavy Applications

Polyester Strap PET Classic

Uniflex Steel Banding for Heavy Packages

Polyester Strap PET Flex for Manual Strapping

PN 1940 / 3260 Steel Strapping Seals

PN 1325 / 1625 / 1925 Steel Strapping Material

KHC 13 / 16 Seal Strapping Material

KON 13 / 16 Banding Plastic Strap for Packing

CP 19 CA Fully Automatic Strapping Machines