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Ampag Boxer Y Automatic Strapper Side Sealer Machine

Product Details

Resistant to dust, sand and dirt

The strapping machine Ampag Boxer II-Y is a reliable strapping machine, with a strapping head on the side. Because the strap tension is easy to vary, the Ampag Boxer II-Y can be used for strapping a wide range of products.

The automatic strapping machine Ampag Boxer II-Y is useful in many industries. This machine is very easily integrated into a fully automatic packing line.


  • For PP strap : 9 – 12 – 16 mm
  • Up to 35 cycles per minute
  • Automatic strap insertion in the event of an injection fault
  • Side sealer – resistant against dust, sand and dirt
  • Automatic re-feed function in the event of an ejection fault
  • Adjustable strap tension
  • Quick to heat (within 25 seconds)

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