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Ever since its foundation in 2017, Madad Service Provider has been involved in professional and stable packaging of your products. Our principal packaging machines can be used in any industry, for any packaging problem. In addition to packaging machines and packaging equipment, we offer accompanying packaging material that is perfectly adjusted to the machines. We offer the right packaging solution for every packaging requirement: from pallet wrappers to strapping machines, from case sealers (tapers) and elastic binders to coding systems, we can help you with everything. Our principal machines are made in Europe and in Asia. In our principal customer cases you can find several examples of our packaging solutions.

We and our principal offer (fully) automatic machines in every product category, as well as manual machines and semi-automatic machines. This way you have the perfect packaging machine or the perfect packaging device at hand for every job. The transport packaging applied with our machines and materials offers load securement and protection to your products, at the lowest price. In order to come to the best solution, we review your packaging process together, after which we determine what is the best solution for your product. From purchase and delivery to support with necessary machine maintenance: we are there for you.