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CT 12TS Semi-automatic Case Sealer Tape Machine

Product Details

CT 12TS Semi-Automatic Case Sealer Suitable for 48 MM – 72 MM PVC & PP Tape

A case sealer with manual input is a particular kind of sealing or taping machine where the operator physically feeds the cardboard boxes into the machine. The phrase “manual entry” denotes that the operator must load the boxes into the machine’s conveyor system or designated area before the machine automatically applies tape or glue to seal the boxes.

Applying an adhesive tape to something, such a box or another surface, is known as taping. Tape is frequently used in the packaging business to seal anything, typically a box or package. Additionally, tape is used to brand, wrap things, convey messages, and deter theft.

The ultimate objective of taping is to keep and/or deliver your products without damage, ensuring that they reach your customer in flawless shape. You can apply packaging tape or tape by hand, with a table dispenser, or with a box closure.


  • Horizontal and vertical bundling
  • Quick and reliable
  • Cost saving
  • Suitable for bundling irregularly shaped products
  • Max. 45 bundles per min.
  • Can be integrated into an automatic line
  • Environmentally friendly, elastic is recyclable

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