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Lapomatic with Battery Tape Paper Dispenser

Product Details

Paper tape dispenser with battery

The Lapomatic paper tape dispenser is a battery-operated dispenser for gummed paper tape. Suitable for sealing large quantities of packaging. The Lapomatic is reliable, quiet, user-friendly and robust. All components susceptible to corrosion are polished or galvanised to ensure a long working life. The battery means you are not dependent on a power point, enabling work to take place anywhere.


  • Suitable for paper adhesive tape
  • Minimum roll width 20 mm
  • Maximum roll width 100 mm
  • Accurate length calculation
  • Durable Li-Ion battery, for 6,000 operations
  • Repeat button for two lengths
  • Automatic power cut-off after 30 minutes without use
  • Dispensing rate 55 meters / min.
  • Extensible with various options

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