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QPWM Poly Strap Dispenser

Product Details

Plastic tape reel for different core diameters

The QPWM Plastic strap dispenser is a solid dispenser unit with options including a braking system so that the reel keeps running. Besides being very easy to change the strapping reel, it is compatible with other cores, in addition to the standard 406mm core.

As with the other dispenser units, this dispenser also has a storage compartment for hand tools and seals, thus making a complete mobile solution for plastic strapping.


  • For PP and PET strap
  • Core diameter 200 / 280 / 406 mm
  • Suitable for band width 9 - 19 mm
  • Band brake system
  • Storage
  • Plastic strap dispenser QPWM with metal discs.
  • Ergonomic, ease to move

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