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AXRO IN-2 Ring Shaped Elastic Binder

Product Details

Elastic binder for ring-shaped products

The AXRO IN-2 is specially developed to bind ring shaped products with a minimum inner core diameter of 35 mm. The AXRO IN-2 is provided with the well-known AXRO gripping and knotting technology, which has been successfully used for many years in the other AXRO models. This machine is available in many branches, for example the cable- and automotive-industry.


  • For elastic cord Cylastic PES, Cylastic PCs 1300, Cylastic 3K
  • Bundles inner core diameter of just 35 mm
  • Extremely easy operation
  • Robust, hard-wearing, very reliable
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Automatic and fully automatic available
  • Up to 75 cycles / minute

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