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CM 600 Thermal Inkjet Printer

Product Details

CM 600 Thermal Inkjet Printer

A specific kind of inkjet printer created for use in the packaging sector is the CM 600 Thermal Inkjet Printer. On a range of packaging materials, it provides high-resolution and high-quality printing using thermal inkjet technology. The ink is heated in the printer to cause it to expand, ejecting tiny droplets onto the surface of the packing.

The CM 600 can print text, graphics, and barcodes that are sharp and clear on a variety of packaging substrates, such as paper, cardboard, plastic, and more thanks to its precise and regulated ink delivery system.

The printer is frequently used in the secondary packaging sector for marking and coding requirements like serialization, batch coding, date coding, and product labeling & the most important is to print 100% scannable barcodes & QR codes for various information It has quick printing speeds, is simple to use, and performs consistently.

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