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CM 220 Easy Coding System with Color Touchscreen

Product Details

Easy coding with touchscreen

With the new and innovative CM 220 inkjet printer, Cyklop takes the next step in ease of use. A color touchscreen with a screen diagonal of 177 mm. provides easy operation and control of printing functions. At one glance you can see, among other things, the print speed, the currently selected print image and the amount of ink in the cartridges.

The information to be printed, such as texts, date, time, logos or barcodes, can easily and conveniently be programmed using the touchscreen. With resolutions up to 600 dpi and print lengths up to 2 meters, virtually unlimited printing options are possible. A second printhead can be connected to the controller for printing at two locations.

With the new CM 220 in combination with our cartridges, maintenance or repair costs are reduced to virtually zero and you are guaranteed a high reliability and the lowest cost.

The CM 220 is available in 3 options :

  • CM 160, with ½” (12.7mm) HP printing technology.
  • CM 160 T, a new 1” (25.4mm) print head for printing more information.
  • CM 160 F, a new ½” (12.7mm) MEK version for longer print distance and fast drying ink.

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