Our Principal Customer Case
Pas Reform

The Challenge

Pas Reform is a single-source supplier of integrated hatchery solutions. The company is a shipping agent of the machines and materials needed to build an incubator.

The packages used for transport have different shapes and are heavy. However, the products must be packed tightly so that nothing can go wrong during transport.

The Solution

Because the products are transported in unequal packages, it is important that the stretch wrapper can handle these differences.

The solution of this challenge is the robot wrapper (CSM). This wrapper ‘walks’ around the pallets, no matter what the shape it is, how heavy or how big the pallet is. The machine wraps tightly so that the packages can be transported easily and safely.

The Result

After the robot wrapper was put into use, it became clear that preparing products for transport is a lot faster. Another big advantage is that all types and sizes of packages are neatly delivered and are securely transported.

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