Our Principal Customer Case

The Challenge

DutchBoxx Golfkarton is a Dutch producer of corrugated board packaging, where a complete range of tailored boxes and packaging is made in-house. The production is very flexible, any kind of packaging can be processed on one of the six lines. The cardboard packaging is cut, printed and bundled before it is transported to the customer. It is important that the packaging is firmly strapped, but that the product is not bent, damaged or deformed.

Because the production is flexible and the packaging differs from large to small packaging, it is important that the machines that are used can also be used flexibly. The machine must be able to measure how large the packages are to make a custom strapping. DutchBoxx supplies packaging that is recyclable, and the strapping band is recyclable so that the customer has little to none residual waste.

The Solution

The question from DutchBoxx was to design a strapping machine that seamlessly connects to the existing production line. The requirements included that the strapping material is fully recyclable (thin belt, recyclable material), that the employees have little physical stress and that the machine can detect the dimensions of the boxes to handle the variations. Cyklop’s project department started working on this question and has developed an Ampag strapping machine with transport line. The machine is fully automatic and can detect and strap any size easily and independently.

The Result

After the machine was commissioned, DutchBoxx Managing Director Piet Stilma had the following to say about the machine, “The strapping machine from Cyklop straps the products quickly securely without damaging the products. Perfect for cardboard boxes !”.

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