Our Principal Customer Case
Cost Saving

The Challenge

CleanLease is an industrial laundry that specialises in cleaning and renting out high-quality textiles. Their customers are primarily hospitals and other care institutions.

Every year, CleanLease washes, folds, stacks and despatches more than a million packages of towels. The problem was that piles of stacked packages were falling apart and having to be re-stacked or, in some cases, washed all over again.

The Solution

It was decided to install a fully automatic Ampag Boxer Transit strapping machine. Using this machine, the folded and stacked towels are pressed together and automatically strapped in sets of five. This method results in compact bundles that are stable and stack well.

The Result

The benefit of strapping the product is that more towels can be stacked on one cart. This saves on delivery costs and storage costs. The amount of ‘re-work’ was also reduced significantly because there is simply less re-stacking and/or re-washing involved now.

Another benefit is that deliveries arrive in better condition for the customer than previously.

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