Our Principal Customer Case

The Challenge

Bleckmann is a worldwide distributor of clothing and toys, amongst other things. The products are loaded on pallets that are then transported by trucks.

The pallets that are transported must be wrapped tightly and secure. This process must proceed quickly so that a large number of pallets can be transported per day. In addition, it is important that employees are physically burdened as little as possible. Bleckmann had the challenge to make the packaging process as efficient and cheap as possible.

The Solution

To make the wrapping process of the pallets as smooth and fast as possible, a robot wrapper (CSM) was chosen.

The robot wrapper wraps the pallets while the employees of Bleckmann can perform other activities. As a result, more pallets can be wrapped in one day, so that the throughput within the distribution center can be increased and employees are burdened less.

The Result

By deploying the robot wrapper, the wrapping process and thus the transit of products is accelerated. The wrapper is mobile, which means that you can wrap at different places. Supervisor Maurice of Bleckmann explains: “We notice that the wrapping process is easier because we wrap in different halls. We also no longer have to wrap the products ourselves, which saves us a lot of physical effort. As a result, more pallets can be processed in one day, which is a great advantage, especially during busy periods !”

In addition, more pallets can be processed in one day and less physical strength is required.