Our Principal Customer Case

The Challenge

Verhoek International Transport B.V. is a logistics service provider located in the Netherlands. The company has over 60 years experience in processing and despatching rolls of carpet, vinyl, artificial grass mats and rugs.

Verhoek wanted to improve the efficiency of its transportation system. Up to now, the ‘carpeting process’ was completely manual and involved unloading roughly 3,000 carpets per trailer for subsequent sorting and despatch to an average of 120 delivery addresses. An intensive and time consuming process. Verhoek wanted to optimise this process and reduce throughput time, the work involved and costs.

The Solution

It was decided to install a CSO 1400 RA horizontal wrapper with a PLC Siemens controller, combined with an automatic V-form conveyor system. The horizontal wrapper, controller and conveyor were all supplied by Cyklop.

Once in the conveyor system, the unloaded carpets are formed into a convenient package and then firmly wrapped with stretch film in the horizontal wrapping machine. By positioning a cardboard tube in the middle of the carpets, the package can be easily lifted with a forklift truck and transported.

The Result

The savings are considerable. For example, the number of times carpet rolls are handled has been reduced from 5 to 1. Cost savings have been achieved because the throughput time for the overall process has been shortened and the FTEs no longer required for this process have been deployed elsewhere. Furthermore, the current working method has many ergonomic benefits for the employees.

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